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A³ System

  • As you can see there are the three main devices A³ Core, A³ Motion and A³ Mix. They are connected via network cable to an ethernet switch which deliveres power over ethernet (PoE)

  • Your DJ-Decks and your speakers are connected to A³ Core’s audiohardware

Connection Diagram

A³ Motion (The Motion Sampler)

A³ Motion is a standalone OSC controller which works like a loopstation, but instead of audio it lets you sample and playback motion from a touchscreen.

A³ Mix (The DJ Mixer)

A³ Mix is a standalone OSC controller which behaves like a 4 channel DJ mixer.

A³ Core (The Sound Server)

A³ Core processes analog audiosignals, calculates 3D audio spheres and is remote controlled by A³ Mix and A³ Motion (or any other OSC controller). A³ Core can handle a wide range of audio hardware to fit environments like Dante, MADI or any class-compliant.


  • PA soundsystem with at least 4 speakers

  • A venue smaller than 18m diameter. For bigger venues more speaker spheres are required


  • Booth soundsystem with at least 4 speakers placed around the DJ desk


  • Plug in your instruments vinyl, cd, daw ..

  • Plug in your speakers

  • Put speakers in regular circle around center

  • Plug CAT cable from A³ Mix and A³ Motion to A³ Core

  • Plug in your headphones

  • Power on