A³ Documentation

A³ Core Configuration


  • Debian with Linux realtime kernel

  • xfce window manager

Python script OSC-Router

  • Routes OSC between audioengine and controller

Supercollider script VU-Meter

  • 12-Channel Jack client (could be more for ie light and vj control)

  • sends vu-meter (peak and rms) via OSC

  • VU-Meter.scd

User VNC interface

To setup patching and recording

  • Qjackctl (Patching)

  • Reaper (Sequencer)

  • Reaper (Mixer)

IEM Pluginsuite

  • IEM-Pluginsuite VST 3 plugins for 3D audio processing

  • StereoEncoder

  • AllraDecoder

  • BinauralDecoder

  • FDNReverb

  • AllraDecoder must be configured to fit your speaker setup

TAL-Filter-2 FX

  • TAL-Filter-2 VST plugin for hipass lopass resonance/filter FX

Jmess (jack audio wiring)

  • Jmess is used to store and restore jack connections

  • aj-snapshot can be used to store and restore alsa connections

Reaper Audiobackend Signalflow

  • a3-audio.RPP


Control screen

Sequencer screen

Mixer screen