A³ Documentation

A³ Motion


  • Standalone OSC controller

  • 7” full-color capacitive multi-touch display

  • USB-A 2.0 slot for storage with presets (WIP)

Part Names and functions

A³ Motion numbered


  • Adjust Stereo Width separation of the two audio input channels. The current state will be displayed on top of touchdisplay (0° : 90°)


  • Adjust send level to Reverb. The current state will be displayed on top of touchdisplay (-inf dB to 0 dB)


  • This full-color multi-touch display shows information relevant to A³Motion’s current operation. Touch the display (and use the hardware controls) to control the A3Motion interface. See Operating Instrucions to learn how to use some basic functions


  • Use these touch-sensitive knobs to adjust various parameters and settings. The knobs can control one column of parameters at a time. The Highlight section on bottom of screen indicates the currently selected column. Press the Encoder button to change which column of parameters they currently control


  • Each channel has a column of four iluminated sample pads. See Operaton to use basic functions



  • Connect ethernet cable to PoE switch here

Operating Instructions

  • Set looplength with Function Encoder [4]

  • Press and hold down one pad [5] to record motion from touchscreen

    • The pad will flash green / red to indicate record mode

    • Tap on the screen and hold to grab channel soundsource

    • Release the pad and move the soundsource on touchscreen until record length is reached. Longer motion will overwrite previously recorded data

    • Release the touchscreen to end record

    • The pad will stay green to indicate play mode

  • Pads without stored motion are dark

  • Pads with stored motion are white

  • Press white buttons to switch motion on the next beat (related to 120bpm)

  • Width [2] and Reverb [3] will not be recorded

A³ Motion Specification

  • PoE to USB 5V Adapter

  • PoE cost 31.5W max

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

  • Teensy 4.1

  • A³ Buttonmatrix PCB v0.1

  • A³ Motion PCB V0.1


  • When a plan calls for multiple devices to be connected to one PoE/PoE+ switch, it’s necessary to ensure the total wattage required by the devices do not exceed the maximum wattage of the switch

  • This device powers up as soon as the PoE powersupply is connected

Box Contents

  • A³ Motion

  • Network cable

  • Quickstart Guide

  • Safety & Warranty Manual


  • Items not listed under Box Contents are sold separately