A³ Documentation

History (Assembly)

Since 2018 we’re working with 3d audio in live environments. Since its complex to use 3d audio software it also needs a total rework of the live perfoming setup for artists. At the beginning we always where in a situation that we, as system operators, must perform 3d panning for artists, which resolves in confusing when and which operations we have to do to fit the artist ideas - though it was kind of random. We decided to start our journey and build something an artist could use with almost no knowledge about what is behind.

The journey starts

Get an idea

A³ Mixer

A³ Motion

First Mocup

A³ System - V01

A³ System at Home

A³ Core

Yes there is a 6ch car amplifier cramped in that case.

We put a poe switch and a miniDSP USBstreamer mini in the core case. The Behringer thing is the headphone amp

A³ Mix



A³ Motion

Rock it

We bought some cheap speakers

Put everything on a handwagon

And pulled it into a park

People came and loves it

Police came and forced us to change location

Until night

And to the day after

In the end we still had power left from the batteries but no energy anymore. It was a lovely summer 2019.